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About this WOD

Giancarlo Agostino Di Maria, a respected athlete and judge at many throwdowns and international CrossFit Sanctional competitions, died on Sunday 22 March 2020 from respiratory complications after he contracted the coronavirus, COVID-19.


After he was hospitalised, only a few days before his death, CrossFit Holthem coach Jonanthan Peeters wrote this tribute WOD. It was performed by many friends, athletes and boxes to wish Giancarlo a speedy recovery.


We kindly invite you to perform this WOD in his memory and in that of all COVID-19 victims.

The Rules

  • Both WODs must be completed within 60 minutes. 

  • Starting time is displayed in the beginning of wod 1 and 2

  • Use “alternative” weights: 2 x 1.5 l water bottles

  • Enjoy yourself and share this WOD with # GiancarloTributeWOD 

  • Repeat this WOD every 22nd March



9 minutes

10 thrusters (2 x 1.5l)
10 ground to overhead  (2 x 1.5l)


For Time

TC 12 minutes

100 lunges 

100 jumping squats

150 sit-ups 

50 air squats 

50 lunges

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